Thoughts on the nature of charity

Well worth listening to is a recent podcast by Frederica Mathewes-Green discussing her thoughts on the nature of charity and social justice. I think another factor of our current attitudes in our culture in our generation about social justice that’s sort of troubling to me is that we see the needy as only recipients, as […]


There is nothing impossible unto those who believe; lively and unshaken faith can accomplish great miracles in the twinkling of an eye. Besides, even without our sincere and firm faith, miracles are accomplished, such as the miracles of the sacraments; for God’s Mystery is always accomplished, even though we were incredulous or unbelieving at the time […]

Approaches to philanthropy

An excursus on the difference between the English and Russian approaches to philanthropy c. 1940. From Creative Suffering, by Julia de Beausobre. (SLG Press, Fairacres, Oxford, 1984, p. 15-17.) The English mind sees the world divided, as it were, horizontally. Above the division are the spacious rooms of the well-to-do, of all those who are […]

ROOF’s mission

Since 1997, ROOF has been a pioneer in providing high-quality educational opportunities for children and young adults from Russian orphanages. Our aim is to help each child or young adult by providing opportunities and encouragement to learn and grow; to take advantage of their own talents and gifts and make the most of them, working […]

What is charity?

What is charity work about? The meaning of ‘charity’ is, of course, love. This is what Fr Alexander Schmemman says in Great Lent… Love is … the foundation, the very life of the Church which is, in the words of St Ignatius of Antioch, the ‘unity of faith and love’. … [Look at] Christ’s parable […]