What is the Pskov Post-Orphanage Centre?

In 2016, the Russian Orphan Opportunity Fund opened a Pskov Post-Orphanage Education Centre, based on its extremely successful Moscow Post-Orphanage Education Centre, which has for more than 15 years helped hundreds of orphanage graduates establish themselves in a stable adult life. Our Post-Orphanage students – who are now young adults – grew up in institutions […]

Un Grand Voyage Educatif !

Our Pskov Post-Orphanage Centre is in its second year of work at this point; it is time to offer an educational trip to 6 or 7 of our most active participants. So….over the Christmas-New Year season 2017-18, we are planning to go on a road trip across Europe!! We’ve already ordered our passports and visas, […]

Pskov Centre: January-May 2017

We’ve come to the end of our 2017 academic year, and our Pskov Post-Orphanage Centre has now been up and running for 8 whole months. It’s time to take a look at what we’ve been up to since the last time we reported at new year. First of all, we moved into our new office […]


Thanks to the generosity of families who have adopted and want to adopt children from the Bobrovo orphanage, ROOF has quietly begun to support the kind and attentive staff of this orphanage for handicapped children, which is located a mere 300 meters from the border with Estonia.   Thus far we have been able to […]


Below is a simple map that shows where ROOF currently works: Although ROOF was founded in Moscow, most of our current efforts are in the Pskov Oblast, in the northwest of Russia. The western-most project is with an orphanage in Bobrovo, that is literally 300 meters from the Russian border with the little Baltic country […]

Pskov Post-Orphanage Centre

The following is a small report detailing the activities of our newly opened Post-Orphanage Centre, from September 2016 – January 2017. First, and most importantly – our Centre is open and has been the regular hangout of nine orphanage graduates, and visited by two others. Several more have expressed interest, but have not yet found […]

Parish partnerships

ROOF is looking to form parish partnerships to serve orphans and the local communities in which they live. In this, we are intending to replicate the successes of earlier educational and community support programs and ALSO support the development of domestic adoption. This we are beginning to do through Orthodox Church parishes. Our parish partnership […]


Andrew and Georgia Williams are a British/American couple who met in Moscow, Russia, in the course of establishing ROOF during the mid-1990s. Since that time, a life of prayer, service and study within the Eastern Orthodox Church has increasingly become the intention the Williamses have for their family. They and their 3 young children have recently […]