Two young adults “graduate” from ROOF’s Abilitation Centre program. ROOF holds a summer camp for the children from Tuchkovo City Orphanage for the fist time. A small social task force begins to live year round at Baranovo and make daily visits to the children at Belskoye-Ustye MHSD Orphanage.


A small social task force begins to interact with children at Vnukovo Orphanage. At summer in Belskoye-Ustye, camp participants make an effort to notice and catalogue the needs of every child in the orphanage. Specialists in adaptive sports-therapy from the Russian State Physical Education Institute visit and make program recommendations for the children from Belskoy […]


In 2010 ROOF decided to take the extremely difficult decision of offering to pay for the management of the Post-Orphanage Education Centre to register themselves as a completely independent NGO. They chose the name Step Up / Vverkh, and have continued to do their excellent work under that name ever since. ROOF took this difficult […]


ROOF opens the second “social hotel” for graduates of the Belskoye Ustye MHSD orphanage, ROOF’s Abilitation Centre (AC). The AC provides 5 to 6 more residential places for young adults who wish to escape the fate of the adult institution. The first “social hotel”, opened through the USAID grant, goes on to become the Pskov […]


ROOF opens a group for graduates of MHSD orphanages at its Post-Orphanage Education Centre. Around 30 students, many living in adult institutions, come to study at the Post-Orphanage Education Centre.


As ROOF management capacity focuses primarily on the Post-Orphanage Centre, orphanage-based programs slowly begin to close. Over the next 5 years through 2008, the number of in-orphanage programs in Moscow dwindles from 10 to four, as programs at the Post-Orphanage Centre take centre-stage. By 2013, only one of the original in-orphanage education programs exists, in […]


A number of ROOF’s finest teachers leave to establish their own successful Post-Orphanage Education Centre, Moscow’s Big Change / Большая Перемена. Now Moscow has 2 separate post-orphanage evening schools in different regions of the city, providing an expanded number of openings for post-orphanage students.


A volunteer from the Belskoye-Ustye Summer Camp in 2000 decides to apply for a USAID through ROOF. With the grant, she and her team successfully open the first “social hotel” program for graduates of Belskoye-Ustye MHSD orphanage, enabling several young adults to escape the fate of lifetime institutionalization and work over time to develop the […]


ROOF outfits two children’s libraries – with everything from the books and media lists through the soft furniture and decorations – in two orphanages in Pereslavl-Zalessky, with a grant generously made by the Moscow International Women’s Club. Non-experts who solicit the advice of children’s librarians to compile the inventory lists compile library inventory lists – […]


The ROOF social task force expands (over the course of 1999 and 2000) to include around 50 people but now includes more trained teachers. The bias away from bright young graduate students and toward trained teachers is a slight departure from the original mission, part of which was to illustrate that the presence with constancy […]