Thanks to the generosity of families who have adopted and want to adopt children from the Bobrovo orphanage, ROOF has quietly begun to support the kind and attentive staff of this orphanage for handicapped children, which is located a mere 300 meters from the border with Estonia.


Thus far we have been able to support the ophanage with the purchase of developmental toys for the children and key medical supplies on a regular basis, as well as coming to visit with some of the children. The proximity of Bobrovo to Pskov gives us some hope that with the purchase of a larger vehicle we might be able to bring a few more visitors on a regular basis, and perhaps, eventually, even invite some of the children for weekend visits to our homes, if orphanage staff grant us permission.

In the absence of specific permission to take pictures of the orpahange, here you see some of the lovely nature that can be found right next door. Despite rumours that we’ve heard circulating to the contrary, we can assure you that the living conditions at Bobrovo are now very homey and comfortable.