Spring-Summer 2014 activities


This year will be the preparation, the foundation for our future
projects with the children – as soon as we will have the business
projects in run  and our small community harmonized – we will be able
to invite children to live and work with us////

So this year our activities are

1)we begin to study  and gather herbals for the health product business
2)we begin to study and buy and build stuff for beekeeping
3)we are planning to do electricity and all inside Stas’s house and
probably help with our neigbours’ house
4)organic gardening and trees

in all that areas we need initiative people with some knowledge and
ideas and creativity to help us  – we need people who are interested
in what they are doing .we are searching for people who can inspire
who can bring some bright ideas to our community

so if you are interested in participation -please contact us