2017 Activities

If you are reading this, there is already chance you would like to volunteer with ROOF or in some other way become involved in our work.

In 2017, we have two volunteer opportunities, and they are both in the Pskov Oblast:

Pskov Post-Orphanage Centre: Do you live in Pskov? Read this project description and let us know what you would like to do to enrich the life of our Post-Orphanage Centre. We await your proposals – after all, a group of people is only as interesting as the personal creativity that its members bring and share with each other! I you so desire, your talents and resources can help to form the dynamic life of our Post-Orphanage Centre.

Baranovo Community: This year we have set concrete goals for ourselves, which means that we don’t simply seek enthusiasts, but rather enthusiasts who are ready to take an active part in the development of a rural community alongside orphanage graduates, and who have specific knowledge and skill sets, around the following areas of interest:

  • organic gardening
  • tending farm animals (chickens, goats, a cow)
  • stove building
  • baking and jam making
  • domestic refurbishing and furnishing – creation of a warm domestic atmosphere
  • bee keeping
  • church singing or reading, or the simple desire to support the local Russian Orthodox parish by attending services

Feel free to bring your children with you, your musical instruments, good spirits and mosquito repellant 🙂

We await your correspondence at office@roofnet.org