Photo of POEC event

Performance at the celebration at the Post-Orphanage Centre for the end of the school year 2009-10.

In 2010 ROOF decided to take the extremely difficult decision of offering to pay for the management of the Post-Orphanage Education Centre to register themselves as a completely independent NGO. They chose the name Step Up / Vverkh, and have continued to do their excellent work under that name ever since.

ROOF took this difficult decision in hope of expanding quality management capacity and developing the ability to focus on more than just post-orphanage educational programs. As of 2010, our new stated goals are to:

  • Replicate past program successes in new locations, but primarily using a dedicated social task-force who work on a volunteer, or “at-cost” basis (as opposed to employees who receive monthly salary),
  • Re-start programs for younger children (our near-complete focus on the Post-Orphanage Centre meant we had been losing the early-intervention opportunities ROOF initially took advantage of),
  • Develop a much more thoroughgoing and organized program for helping the children from Belskoye-Ustye MHSD Orphanage,
  • Work with and through parishes of the Russian Orthodox Church.

At the time of the split, ROOF left its Moscow office along with many teaching staff and key corporate sponsors to Vverkh. In many ways ROOF was starting “from scratch”, though with its founders’ 13 years of experience of how to effectively help children in/from institutions.