Photo of a group studying

Small group study at Belskoye Ustye.

A volunteer from the Belskoye-Ustye Summer Camp in 2000 decides to apply for a USAID through ROOF. With the grant, she and her team successfully open the first “social hotel” program for graduates of Belskoye-Ustye MHSD orphanage, enabling several young adults to escape the fate of lifetime institutionalization and work over time to develop the skills necessary to live on their own and care for themselves. The same grant also starts a weekend foster program that provides a number of children from the Belskoye Ustye MHSD orphanage with the opportunity to spend weekends in local families.

ROOF begins to teach crafts, Russian language and Maths at the Belskoye Ustye MHSD orphanage, to children who had previously received no school instruction at all. During Summer Camp 2000 in Belskoye Ustye, ROOF volunteers had noticed that many of these children – all of whom were supposedly unteachable – were completely capably of learning many things.